Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing # 7

OK. I have to say that all of this blogging and commenting is taking over my life. I get so involved in reading other people's posts that I lose track of time. I chose to go in and make comments on some of the personal interest blogs that I subscribed to having to do with running and nutrition. I read numerous posts from The Diet Blog and left comments that I am looking forward to hearing back on. This unfortunately just continues to feed my addictions.

Speaking of addictions, I read several of The Goddess of YA Literature, and was going to leave comments, but ran into one of the issues discussed in the article for Thing 7. I was met with the decision to leave an anonymous comment or sign up for a Live Journal Account. With the plethora of accounts I currently have, I didn't want to have to sign in or register for another one, so I just left an anonymous comment. I know this is not the desired method, but such is life.

I do think that there is an appropriate way to comment and that it is good netiquette to do so. We all love feedback, and we want to know that we are being "heard". If we are not willing and able to comment and communicate with one another, the whole premise of interactive online communication sort of falls apart doesn't it?! I want meaningful feedback that I can use or at least enjoy; therefore, I try to leave comments that prompt a continuation of the thread on other people's blogs.


mods44 said...

You are so technology advanced!! Your blog page is greatness! I like the way you posted all of your new subscribtions in the boxes and how you added pictures.:)

Selena Knight said...

Why thank you ma'am. Cute puppy by the way! Thanks for being one of my peeps!! I was feeling a little lonely :) I am waiting on Alicia to get crackin' so I can follow her too. It is always fun to follow people you know.