Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thing #16

I like this one quite a bit - big surprise! I went through and added several books to my library, but it would take me forever to add all of the books that I have in my actual library at home. I'll go back and fill in books when I have more time. I love the widget that it provides, and I joined two of the groups. This is a super useful tool for me since the groups participate in discussion forums about literature. One of the groups I joined is a YA Literature group that reads a different book each month and discusses it. This is a great way to get order ideas for my library. It is always nice to get other peoples' opinions on books.

This would be an innovative way to get students to publish to the web. They could keep a bookshelf of the books they read during the year complete with a review for each book. The bookshelf with the reviews could be an ongoing project that is "turned in" or shared with the teacher at the end of the year.

One complaint I have about the application is that you can only add books 1 at a time (or at least I didn't see how to do group dumps). OMG! This was taking a long time since I have thousands of books on my shelves. Here is my LibraryThing Widgit. Also, check out my cover display widget on the right side of the blog.

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