Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing #1

I enjoyed watching and listening to the tutorial on the 7 1/2 of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners. I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate the opportunity to learn new things and broaden my scope of knowledge. As I went through the tutorial, by far the easiest habit for me is #6, using technology to my advantage. I am always on board with learning and experimenting with a new technology if it allows me to do something better, faster or more effectively. In the classroom, I fully utilized the programs and equipment that the Career and Technology Department provided us (thank you Judy and Leta), and I made it a point to not only teach with technology but to also learn with it as well. In the library, I try to offer innovative and technology oriented lessons and ideas to the students and teachers. I often use technology to make my job easier and to share information with as many people as I can on campus and through our web page.

Of the other habits, the one that I would say is the most difficult for me is #3, viewing problems as challenges. One of my weaknesses is the high amount of stress that I experience when confronted with obstacles that disrupt my routine. A previous boss of mine helped me to view a problem as an "opportunity" to show how well I can adapt and generate creative solutions. Believe it or not, looking at it this way helped me because I then perceived the problem and my reaction to it as a chance to prove myself instead of just a roadblock. I often learn new things when I take the time to solve a problem or overcome a roadblock.

The habit that I think will be most important in this course is to have fun. I find that if I have fun with the technology and if I am excited about using it, I can more easily get others to participate and be a part of it. The things that I am passionate and excited about are so much easier to "sell" to the teachers and students. If I can promote the technology as not only a way to broaden our students marketable skill set, but also as a fun way to learn, then I am more likely to get the teachers to try lessons using the technology. Besides, it is summer and who wants to "work" in the summer!? I am looking at this course as my fun time on the computer.


LonghornMom said...

I can relate when you say the older you get the more you appreciate the opportunity to broaden your scope of knowledge. As I "mature" the opportunities to learn new things mean more to me than they did 20-30 years ago. Now I understand the value of knowledge.

Alicia said...

I am always wanting to learn new things too. The technology things scare me a bit. I wish I was as technology literate as you. Your blog is wonderful. I hope that this workshop will transform me into a computer genius. Doubtful! I might need some tutorials from you. Ha!

doubledare said...

Love your blog! Mind sharing how you put the "I'm a member of the 23Thingsters?" thanks!

Selena Knight said...

Thanks! The badge is found on the 23Thingster Ning (you will get to it later), but here is the link Just go down to the bottom right and tell it you want to add the badge as a widget.