Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing #3

I absolutely love the blog forum! I have used blogs for things such as my book club discussions, our campus read program, classes posting online projects and pod casts, several of my online masters classes, as well as personal use blogs. I love the forum of being able to keep an online journal of my thoughts that I can share (or not depending on my mood) with others. I can see so many uses for this forum of communication not only in the education field, but personally as well. The interaction and features that are available are wonderful for teachers, students and librarians. My immediate thought when I was introduced to blogs was that they are a phenomenal way to keep parents informed about what is going on in the classroom or on campus. In addition, they are a super way to help the kids interact on an individual basis. Students are always more willing to participate and are more engaged when given the opportunity to do electronic or at least hands on assignments. On a personal level, we live 5 1/2 hours away from all of our family, so keeping a personal blog with current pictures and happenings in our lives is a great way for our family to feel like they are apart of our daughters' lives.

Needless to say, since I am such a fan of blogging, you can imagine how much I loved creating my own Avatar. I won't even tell you how long my daughters and I spent playing around with the Avatars and creating one for each of us. My daughters are 7 & 8, and they each now have their own Avatar that they beg me to let them "dress up." It is the modern day paper doll, and who didn't like to play with paper dolls?! We had so much fun creating our little Avatars to resemble us and portray our interests!

I am looking forward to the next Thing on the list!



I, too, spent probably too much time on my avatar - so much fun. We have a family blog that I love updating to keep people up-to-date. However, some people have commented that their "school" blogs aren't being viewed. Have you had much success?

Selena Knight said...

I tried to blog with my book club, but the only time they blogged was when I got out the laptops and we did it as a group. The demographic makeup of my campus doesn't exactly foster a home environment that blogs frequently :)

LonghornMom said...

It almost seems like I'm having too much fun. I really enjoyed the Avatars also. I have several personal blogs used to keep my thoughts and to keep family up to speed, but have never adventured to using them at school. I'm looking forward to trying that next year.

Angela said...

Great job Selena! You've got way too much time on your hands to be so far along...either that or I'm spending way to much time on each thing! :) I also had a blast creating my avatar. When I told others what I was doing they were in disbelief! I can't get mine to appear on my blog either so I'm going to try using the JPG file to see if it'll work for me!