Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing # 19

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am familiar with Voicethread and have used it before. I helped a class put together this blog: Schreiner's Shelf where the students created Voicethreads of famous Texans.

I also created the voicethread below to promote our campus read program.

I think that Voicethreads can be great ways to do presentations and to again add a personal touch to presentations. Having voice comments and testimonials from different people during a presentation can make a big impact. Here are a couple of Voicethreads that I thought would be useful for school next year. The first two Voicethreads are introducing different aspects of the research cycle. The author does a good job of explaining how to choose a research topic and how to evaluate the information. The last Voicethread is an example of a Library Orientation. I like this idea, and I think I may try to create a Voicethread to use for orientations. This is a little easier than doing a whole iMovie. I can take photos of the library and create a narrated presentation to post to a blog or on the webpage.

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Great job showing how voicethread can actually be used!!