Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thing # 18

Woohoo! I could spend hours browsing YouTube. It is cheap entertainment at its finest :) There are so many things you can find on YouTube to offer instructions, examples, demonstrations etc. in a safe way. There are so many videos that can have great application to curriculum. The first teaching/professional related videos I chose are book talks. The first one is a book talk for the current Lonestar Books. This is a great way to promote the books and encourage students to read them. I plan to use this next year :) The second one is a young girl giving her top 10 favorite books. It was sort of random, but when I came across it, I was enthralled with her. She is so passionate about the books, and she has such a refined taste in literature. I couldn't wait to see what was next, and I am going to go buy her #1 this week. The "how to" video I chose was on speed reading. I don't know that I buy this method, but I think it is an interesting concept nevertheless. I am going to try it out so that I can read as many books in one year as Terri Lesesne does. The last one is just FUNNY! I debated whether to include it, but I laughed so hard each time that I watched it I thought others may like it too. It is a series of 4 banned commercials. My favorite is the second one! I of course spent WAY too much time playing again, but I knew I would.

Video Scavenger Hunt:
#1 - Digital Book Talk of the 2009 Lonestar Books

#2 - Top 10 All-time Favorite Books (This girl was so captivating and genuine that I couldn't wait to see what was next on her list. I am going to have to read her #1!

#3 - How To Speed Read - I wonder if this works! I think I will try it so I can read MORE books.

#4 - Banned Commercials - I had to include this one because I laughed until I cried. The second commercial in particular cracked me up!

I like TeacherTube as well. This site is more educational friendly obviously, and I like the fact that it offers a download button a well as embed codes. I liked this book trailer for one of my new favorite books: The Hunger Games


Debbie said...

You found some great videos!! I needed the laughs! Thanks for posting them!


There is so something wrong with that second commercial - HILARIOUS!!

maryw said...

My favorite was the cheering one! LOL