Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thing #15

It Was a Wiki-Wiki Knight The wiki where all the cool kids hang out :)

I had so much fun creating this wiki. I spend FOREVER playing around on it, but it was still fun. I can see so many uses for wikis in school and on a personal level. There is just so much to play with, I don't know where to start or stop!

My only complaint is that the wiki page doesn't allow me enough control to format the page like I would want to. I want to adjust the images to have better alignment and less white space, but it doesn't want me to have that much say so. Also, embedding straight code didn't work that well. It works great to embed the wikis that are listed on the link, but otherwise it wouldn't just read straight html code very well. With that being said, the problem could be the nut behind the wheel:)I also noticed that Firefox doesn't like the Google Calendar, so the widgit I embedded didn't read. I just ditched it.

By the way, when I was playing around, I found the cool Flickr profile widget that I embedded above. Neato!


The Colonel said...

Sounds like you are having too much fun!
At least I know who to go to when I'm trying to build my Wiki!
Have fun...see you in cyberspace!
Aloha, Jim

The Colonel said...

Forgot that I was supposed to add my blog! Here it is!
Aloha, Jim